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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance & Disability Insurance

What would your financial situation be like if you were forced to miss work for a year or more with a disability? Your paycheck could be gone, except for a small amount of compensation from Social Security. Your family might need to hire someone to cover your responsibilities around the house. In some cases your professional advancement or job security could be jeopardized do you know most family’s are in debt after the loss of two pay checks ! your nest egg will be gone.

With a disability policy you will at least provide you with 66% of your household income think about it’s better than no income at all

Why do I need life insurance?

Although you may not think about it, your ability to earn income is a significant asset and life insurance helps replace lost income in the event of your premature death. Here are some reasons people buy life insurance.

The death benefit may be used for
Here are some of the Coverage’s Available

*  Term Life * Variable Universal Life

  * Universal Life * Whole Life

 * Mortgage Life * Second To die

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